ANZAC Day reminder to ‘pay it forward’

This ANZAC Day, we paused to remember all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.

April 28, 2022

ANZAC Day service at Moree

In Narrabri, team members from the Inland Rail project team and our contractor, Trans4M Rail, attended the dawn service at the Narrabri RSL, laying a wreath and paying respects to the fallen. Meanwhile, in Moree a large contingent of the Inland Rail crew surrounded the Moree Services Club at dawn to honour the contribution of our armed forces and all those who serve us daily.

Nigel Wilson, Earthworks Supervisor at Trans4m Rail is now building the Narrabri to North Star section of Inland Rail but was once a Trooper with the Australian Army. He participated in the official wreath laying ceremony at the Moree Services Club and later reflected on his time in service:

How long did you serve?

In total, 4.5 years. I was in the Army and then loaned to the Navy for a portion of time.

What was your motivation for joining?

An urge to serve. I believe having people who are willing to endure the rigours of service and forgo certain freedoms are intrinsic to broader society. The modern catchcry would be to ‘paying it forward’, the good we enjoy in our society is paid forward by our serviceman and emergency services workers. Also, there is history of service in the family.

What was your most enjoyable moment?

Military service is a constant test of one’s mettle. An example is ‘Paratus cup’, a troop-based exercise each year pitting one troop against another for ‘the title’. We were required to stay awake for 84 hours of constant military drills and live fire manoeuvres with further general testing by the facilitators. It is almost dreaded prior to the exercise, however just completing it gives an amazing sense of achievement and enjoyment afterwards because each commanding officer thinks that he will leave his mark by making it the hardest yet.

What was the biggest lesson you learnt?

I think that values of integrity and responsibility instilled in you are hard to shake.

Thank you, Nigel, from everyone at Inland Rail for the sacrifices and challenges you have endured and the lessons you are teaching us all. Great to have you onboard!

IMAGE: Inland Rail project team members Joe Keown and Mike Harris honouring those who served at the Narrabri RSL Dawn Service.

ANZAC Day service at Moree

IMAGE: Nigel Wilson, Earthworks Supervisor at Trans4m Rail laying the wreath at the Dawn Service on ANZAC Day held in Moree

April 28, 2022