Community perceptions make an impact

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback through our Inland Rail Community Perceptions Survey, which we run four times each year.

February 27, 2023

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Your feedback is making a difference. We heard that you wanted more opportunities to interact with our staff face to face, so we have increased our presence in communities by attending local events, hosting pop-up consultation sessions.

We are also using our e-newsletters, website and social media channels to keep you up to date with what’s happening across the project.

We acknowledge that our communities want to know more about how we are going to minimise the impact of the project on flooding and manage noise during the operation of Inland Rail. We are working to get this information out to you.

As the environmental approvals and detailed design phases for each project progress we will provide specific information about the potential impacts on flooding and noise and how these will be managed.

In the coming weeks, an invitation to complete the first Inland Rail Community Perceptions survey for 2023 will be emailed to a selection of stakeholders in our database and we request that email recipients kindly complete the survey.

We value your input and feedback so we can continue to tailor our communication and engagement to make sure we are addressing the issues you are concerned about.

You are also welcome to direct feedback or questions to us at any time by visiting one of our offices, via email on or, or phone 1800 732 761.

Thank you for your valued feedback.

February 27, 2023

The whole program Consultation News