Kids at Work Day enjoyed by everyone

There was a shift in gears on Tuesday 24 June at Inland Rail’s Brisbane office when we held our inaugural successful ‘Kids at Work Day’ event.

July 28, 2022

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Parents and children attending 'Kids at Work Day'

With youthful energy abounding, parents enjoyed showing our young people how exciting it is to work on Australia’s largest freight rail infrastructure project.

Running for two hours, the morning provided an opportunity for our children to learn what we do and included an office tour, Q&A with Rebecca Pickering and morning tea.

It proved a wonderful opportunity for our team to give their children a sneak peak into their work lives and to answer ‘where do you work’?

Little ones enjoyed colouring in and our bigger kids had an inspirational Q&A with our Interim CE Rebecca Pickering.

Rebecca thanked all the parents and their great bunch of kids who came along.

Although one child said he learnt that ‘being a grown up is hard’ so perhaps we need to work on that one!

Children of all ages were welcomed and received a special Inland Rail pack and certificate for participating.

We look forward to making the event an annual ‘open house’ to welcome many more children next year.

July 28, 2022

The whole program News