Wangaratta benefits from Inland Rail

Wangaratta resident and rail enthusiast Daniel Sciberras shares the community benefits he sees Inland Rail is having in his town.

June 1, 2022

Image of Wangaratta station, including image of the rail track

“I think Inland Rail is going to be good for the locals, good for the economy to get freight moving north to south, and really open up the country,” he said.

“It’ll bring people into the town, infrastructure getting built, local jobs, which is all what we want to see.”

Mr Sciberras said Covid19 restrictions had turned Wangaratta into a ghost town.

“Everything was shut, you couldn’t do anything. So now that we’re at the tail end of that you’ve got tourism kicking in again, everyone is coming to town via rail, the car parks are full again, so it’s good to see,” he said.

He also praised ARTC for their face-to-face consultation in the community.

“It’s good to see they’re out, there’s a face to talk too. It’s not just someone over the phone or on the internet, so seeing the staff of ARTC has been great, very informative and let’s continue.”

June 1, 2022