Border to Gowrie project update January 2022

We’re committed to achieving the best environmental, social and economic outcomes for Inland Rail and the communities and individuals along the route as we move to the next phase of the Border to Gowrie project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process.

January 31, 2022

Visualisation of the proposed Condamine River floodplain crossing.

After evaluating the project’s draft EIS against public submissions and feedback, the Queensland Coordinator-General (CG) has requested additional information which we’re now preparing.

This sort of request is a step in the assessment process for a major coordinated project.

To allow us time to complete the revised draft EIS and address additional information, we have received a 12-month extension from the CG to 1 February 2023.

Next steps

The project’s revised draft EIS will be subject to a period of public consultation to ensure all stakeholders can consider our responses to their submissions and provide further comment on the project, should they wish.

The timing for public consultation will be determined by the CG following submission and acceptance of our revised draft EIS.

We’ll continue to share information as it comes to hand.


Please visit the CG’s website for more information about the project’s EIS process, including frequently asked questions.

You can also contact your local engagement representative with any questions or concerns. Reach out to them directly, call 1800 732 761 or email

IMAGE: Visualisation of the proposed Condamine River floodplain crossing.

January 31, 2022