Safety is the head and the heart of the Inland Rail program

We are committed to creating environments where no one gets hurt, whether they are working or just visiting one of our sites. That’s why we think about how we work and what we build. 

Our duty of care extends not just to ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of everyone who works for us, but also to the people and communities living along the Inland Rail alignment 

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Protecting our workforce’s health and safety

Thousands of men and women will contribute to the design and construction of Inland Rail. To protect their right to a safe workplace, we are ensuring our team:

  • are trained, skilled and competent in their duties
  • always make health and safety their first priority
  • make best use of innovative technologies, safety practices and protective equipment to minimise health and safety risks during design and construction.
Preparation of concrete culvert bases on Parkes to Narwonah section of Inland Rail, New South Wales.

Protecting the health and safety of our communities

We don’t underestimate the impact Inland Rail will have on communities living along the alignment. We are addressing health, safety and wellbeing concerns with sensitivity by:

  • consulting with community groups to gather feedback on their concerns about construction in their area
  • partnering with regional hospital networks and mental health counselling services to support those people who may be anxious about Inland Rail and its impacts
  • making sure the effects of noise, light, dust and pollution are controlled and minimised, where possible
  • conducting in-depth studies into how Inland Rail will impact flood prone areas and stand up to extreme weather events
  • communicating upcoming construction works and traffic changes to the community so they are aware of any potential hazards.
The Stakeholder Engagement team talking to a local man at the 2019 Coonamble Show, New South Wales

Stop at signs and look out for trains

As construction progresses, more construction trains will be running on the track to deliver steel rail, concrete sleepers and other materials.

We ask all neighbours, motorists and communities to be extra vigilant around level crossings and we thank them for their patience and understanding.

Regardless of whether freight trains or construction trains are running on the track, we encourage motorists to keep safe by stopping at all rail crossings, looking and listening for trains, and obeying all warning signals and signs before proceeding.