Construction of Inland Rail has been divided into 12 sections, as indicated on the map. Below the map is information about each section, plus links to where you can find out more information and download a detailed map for each section. You can also view and download a more detailed version of the full alignment map as a PDF, via the Download button.

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Inland Rail Sections:


1. Calvert to Kagaru

  • Comprises 53km of new dual gauge track within existing rail corridor.

This section includes 39km of dual-gauge track allowing single-stacked operations between a proposed terminal at Ebenezer and Kagaru.

Using 1.1km of tunnelling, this section will connect Inland Rail with the existing Sydney to Brisbane coastal lines and the Port of Brisbane.

Explore in more detail:

Calvert to Kagaru Section

Calvert to Kagaru Section Map

2. Helidon to Calvert

  • Comprises 47km of a new dual gauge rail line connecting Helidon (east of Toowoomba) with Calvert (west of Ipswich), in Queensland.

Plans also include a 850m tunnel through the Little Liverpool Laidley Range.

Explore in detail:

Helidon to Calvert Section

Helidon to Calvert Section Map

3. Gowrie to Helidon

  • Comprises 28km of new dual gauge track.

This section will traverse the steep terrain of the Toowoomba Range and will include a 6.2km tunnel.

Explore in detail:

Gowrie to Helidon Section

Gowrie to Helidon Section Map

4. NSW/Qld Border to Gowrie

  • Comprises 207km of new dual gauge track from the NSW/Qld border near Yelarbon, to Gowrie Junction, north-west of Toowoomba.

Of this, 138km of track is in new greenfield corridors and 69km is within existing corridors.

Explore in detail:

Border to Gowrie Section

Border to Gowrie Section Map

New South Wales:

5. North Star to NSW/Qld Border

  • Comprises 14km of new track and 25km of existing track.

This section will complete one of the key missing rail links between New South Wales and Queensland, using the non-operational rail corridor or new track to connect to the operating line running to Yelarbon.

Explore in detail:

North Star to Border Section

North Star to Border Section Map

6. Narrabri to North Star

  • Comprises 184km of upgraded track and 2km of new track.

This is the second section of Inland Rail to enter construction.

Explore in detail:

Narrabri to North Star Section

Narrabri to North Star Section Map

7. Narromine to Narrabri

  • Comprises 306km of new rail corridor and track.

This new section will reduce the overall journey time and complete one of the missing rail links between Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Explore in detail:

Narromine to Narrabri Section

Narromine to Narrabri Section Map

8. Parkes to Narromine

  • Comprises 98km of existing track and 5km of new track.

It is the first section of Inland Rail to be completed and accommodates double-stacked trains.

Explore in detail:

Parkes to Narromine Section

Parkes to Narromine Section Map

9. Stockinbingal to Parkes

  • Comprises 170km of existing track.

Inland Rail will benefit from the track upgrades ARTC has already completed to this section. Enhancement works will be undertaken to allow for double-stacked trains and a new crossing loop built to increase capacity on the line.

Explore in detail:

Stockinbingal to Parkes Section

Stockinbingal to Parkes Section Map

10. Illabo to Stockinbingal

  • Comprises 37km of new track and 2km of upgraded track.

The route bypasses the winding section of track called the Bethungra Spiral.

Explore in detail:

Illabo to Stockinbingal Section

Illabo to Stockinbingal Section Map

11. Albury to Illabo

  • Comprises 185km of existing track.

Inland Rail will benefit from the track upgrades ARTC has already completed to this section. Enhancements or modification works will be undertaken at locations to allow for safe clearance of double-stacked freight trains.

Explore in detail:

Albury to Illabo Section

Albury to Illabo Section Map


12. Beveridge to Albury

  • Comprises 262km of existing track.

This section will be enhanced to increase height and width clearances to allow for double-stacked trains.

Explore in detail:

Beveridge to Albury Section

Beveridge to Albury Section Map