Border to Gowrie project update June 2022

This month, the Border to Gowrie team got out and about at FarmFest in Kingsthorpe talking to the farming community from across the region. With record crowds attending this year’s event, the Inland Rail team were available to answer lots of question on the project. In the field, a program-wide koala genetics field study commenced in mid-June with ecologists in the QLD/ NSW Border to Gowrie project area looking for evidence of koala populations.

June 29, 2022

Inland Rail staff members at Farm Fest 2022

What’s happening in the field?

Our koala genetics study commenced in mid-June with boots and paws on the ground in the Kagaru to Acacia Ridge / Bromelton project area.

Inland Rail’s field team of two ecologists and a koala detection dog have also been investigating properties for evidence of koalas in the QLD/ NSW Border to Gowrie project area. The study aims to identify koala populations and capture data about existing levels of gene flow and current health of populations along the alignment.

Ground and surface water and ecology surveys on public land, in road reserves and in the rail corridor will continue into July. Investigations on private property will be arranged with individual landowners.

Visit our website to see all current and upcoming field investigations.

Out and about

In early June, when the weather really turned, our project team rugged up and headed to FarmFest, the state’s largest field day event held over three days in Kingsthorpe.

FarmFest provided a fantastic opportunity for our team to chat with a wide range of people from across the region on all things Inland Rail and share information about upcoming opportunities. For those of you that stopped by the stand, thanks for joining us!

EIS status

The QLD/ NSW Border to Gowrie project remains in the approvals stage as we prepare additional information to support the project’s revised draft EIS.

The revised draft EIS will be subject to a period of public consultation following submission and acceptance by the Coordinator General (CG). Timing for additional consultation will be determined by the CG in due course.

Find out more by visiting the CG’s website.


For more information about the QLD/ NSW Border to Gowrie project, please get in touch.

For questions about the section between Whetstone and Gowrie, please contact Stakeholder Engagement Lead, Katie Unipan via 0438 429 105 or

For questions about the section between the NSW/Queensland border and Whetstone, please contact Stakeholder Engagement Lead, Isabella Hall via 0409 413 155 or

June 29, 2022