June 19, 2024

Benalla Signal Hut Heritage Interpretation Plan

This document provides an overview of the interpretation process and opportunities and outlines options for interpreting the Benalla Signal Hut.

May 29, 2024

Environment Report Third Addendum

This report is a third addendum to the existing Environment Report and provides an overview of design improvements which have occurred, the additional land requirements to accommodate the design changes, and an assessment of the impacts of these changes.

May 23, 2024

Planning Scheme Amendment Explanatory Report

This document outlines the changes to the relevant Planning Scheme (in this instance Mitchell and Strathbogie Planning Schemes) to apply project planning control which will remove the need for separate permits. The proposed amendment to the planning schemes will expand the project area to cover more land adjacent to the existing project site.

May 9, 2024

Short Street Broadford Concept Plan Report

This report accompanies and supports the Short Street Broadford Concept Plan (drawings). This document includes commentary on design options considered for Short Street Broadford, an explanation demonstrating how the Concept Plan has been prepared in accordance with the approved Urban Design Framework, and how it complies with relevant Inland Rail approvals.

May 9, 2024

EBPC Annual Compliance Report 2024

This report details the commitments outlined within EPBC 2016/7729 and assessment of compliance against conditions 1 - 12 for the reporting period 10 April 2023 to 9 April 2024 as per Condition 6 of EPBC 2016/7729.

May 1, 2024

Supplementary REF Decision Report: Horizontal Clearances, Forbes Station and Yard

The Decision Report for Supplementary Review of Environmental Factors (SREF) for the proposal known as Forbes Station and Yard Supplementary.

May 1, 2024

Supplementary Review of Environment Factors Forbes Station and Yard

This document is the Supplementary Review of Environment Factors (REF) for the Forbes Station and Yard, included in the Stockinbingal to Parkes section of Inland Rail.

May 1, 2024

Compliance Report Against EPBC 2016/7731 Inland Rail Parkes to Narromine Section 2023-24

This report has been produced to address Condition 7 of the EPBC Act Approval (EPBC 2016/7731) in relation to the Parkes to Narromine project.

May 1, 2024

Benalla Signal Hut Revisit Inspection Report

ARTC commissioned an independent follow-up inspection report on the Benalla Signal Hut to reassess its structural condition and provide recommendations on make safe actions. This report follows a structural engineering assessment of the hut to understand the building’s condition (dated September 2023).

October 1, 2023

Narrabri to North Star Phase 1: Operational Staging Report

This Staging Report has been prepared to describe Inland Rail's staged approach to construction and operation of the Narrabri to North Star Phase 1 section.

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