North Star to NSW/Queensland Border project update – February 2022

2022 is off to a flying start. Last month, we received the North Star to NSW/Queensland Border project’s draft conditions of approval from the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). We’re now reviewing these conditions and expect the Minister for Planning to make a decision about the project in the coming months.

February 28, 2022

Visualisation of the proposed viaduct across the Macintyre River

What’s happening now?

Last year, we announced Freight Connect as the preferred contractor for the Central Civil Works Program, which includes the North Star to NSW/Queensland Border project.

We’re now working with Freight Connect to review the project’s reference design and develop construction plans and methodologies ahead of the development of a fully costed proposal for the first works package.

We have also engaged Gremalco to design and relocate existing essential services along the rail corridor. Site surveys are complete, and design is underway. Work is expected to start in mid-2022.

The team has also been working closely with impacted landowners regarding the acquisition process, engaging with local and Indigenous communities along the alignment, and sharing information about what to expect as the project moves through the approvals stage and into construction.

What’s coming up next?

Early works, such as geotechnical surveys and relocating utilities, are often completed once construction contracts are awarded to ensure major construction can progress without delay. We will communicate any proposed activities ahead of time. Major construction will not start until statutory approvals have been received.

We strongly encourage our major contractors to, wherever possible, use local suppliers and businesses for a variety of goods, services and works to deliver Inland Rail.

Over the coming months, you will start to see Freight Connect representatives out and about in local communities. We’ll be sure to introduce you soon.

Freight Connect will identify possible subcontractors and skilled operators who can support project delivery such as transport, fencing, quarries, earthworks and electrical companies.

To find out about potential supply opportunities, we encourage local businesses to create a profile and register their interest in Inland Rail projects on ICN Gateway. Visit our supplier page to find out how.


For more information about the North Star to NSW/Queensland Border project, please visit our website or download our latest factsheet.

Alternatively, reach out to the project’s Stakeholder Engagement Lead, Isabella Hall via 0409 413 155 or

IMAGE: Visualisation of the proposed viaduct across the Macintyre River

February 28, 2022