Learn more about becoming an Inland Rail supplier.

Working with us as a contractor or supplier usually happens at a local or project level.

Depending on the nature of your work, there are competencies and requirements you’ll need. Safety is our top priority, so you’ll need to familiarise yourself with safety information and alerts. You may also need to do an induction.

More detailed information on Inland Rail contractor requirements can be found on the ARTC website.

Supply principles and commitments

Our values and behaviours are the foundation of our business. Our culture supports diverse and broad thinking, customer focused decision making, accountability and responsibility.

With our values in mind, the Inland Rail team observes a number of Principles when procuring goods and services. These principles apply at all stages of the procurement, regardless of the risk and value. These include:


Health and safety is the responsibility of all employees, including our contractors and our suppliers. Working in a high risk industry means we must all be vigilant to identify, manage and mitigate safety risks and to ensure no one is harmed at work or on our network.

Value for money

We will procure goods and services that offer the best value for money. Best value for money does not automatically mean the lowest price. Rather, we will balance all relevant factors including initial cost, whole-of-life cost, quality, reliability and timeliness in determining true value for money. As such it is a key principle that will be reviewed before committing to a contractual outcome.

Ethical and Probity considerations

All procurement activity must be conducted without prejudice or favour and in accordance with our Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy. As such, all Proponents (potential suppliers who submit, or intend to submit a proposal to supply goods/services) must be treated equally and not be discriminated against due to any reason. All participants in any procurement activity, including but not limited to Request for Tender, Request for Quotation, Request for Information through to payment and contract close out must declare any potential, actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

Open, fair and effective competition

All procurements must be conducted in an open, consistent and transparent manner, and in a way, which encourages and enables competition that doesn’t impose unnecessary costs on existing or potential suppliers.

Efficient, Effective and Economical Processes

The method of engagement must be “right-sized” based on the cost and risk of the procurement initiative. This means selecting the approach that will deliver the best outcome (including Value for Money) for Inland Rail, ARTC, its customers and suppliers.

Our contractors should:

  • be committed to safety and maintain compliance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 and any other relevant laws, regulations, codes or standards, as they relate to our operations and as amended from time to time
  • adhere to our corporate values
  • provide accurate and reliable advice and information when required
  • declare actual or perceived conflicts of interest as soon as you become aware of the conflict
  • adhere to our drug and alcohol policy which applies to all workers on our sites including offices
  • maintain adequate insurance coverage including workers compensation, public liability, professional indemnity and motor vehicle as applicable
  • follow our stated policies and procedures
  • act ethically and fairly in all dealings with us
  • take all measures to prevent disclosure of confidential information, and
  • treat our employees with respect.


We’re committed to using local content and maximising the spread of local economic benefit, wherever possible. By leveraging our supply chain and collaborating with our partners, we will ensure that capable Australian entities are provided full, fair and reasonable opportunity to bid for the supply of goods and services, and the employment of Australians in the areas in which we operate.

We value our relationships with First Nations communities, recognising their inherent connection to their traditional lands, their continuing responsibility of stewardship and caring for country and culture and their place as important members of our region and cities.

We are committed to working in partnership with First Nations communities to create meaningful opportunities that deliver lasting benefits for individuals, their families and their communities.

Find out more about contractor requirements and competencies on the ARTC website.

Becoming a supplier

We are committed to giving Australian entities, particularly local and First Nations businesses and social enterprises located along our alignment, genuine opportunities to participate in our supply chain.

To facilitate this, we have established simple and clear processes for potential suppliers to express interest in working with Inland Rail.

Express interest

To view upcoming work and express interest with working with us directly, or with one of our contractors, check the following websites:

  • TenderLink lets you view and express interest in working directly with Inland Rail.
  • ICN Gateway lets you view and express interest in working with our major contractors.

Attend a supplier information session

Throughout the year, Inland Rail hosts information sessions that bring contractors and suppliers together.

Representatives from Inland Rail and our major contractors attend these events to discuss our projects and upcoming supply opportunities.

View upcoming events.

Join a network

Supplier identification agencies, industry associations, professional bodies, local chambers of commerce and business organisations are another potential source of referral to our team.

When planning contracting strategies, we seek advice from businesses which are members of these networks to identify suppliers who potentially have the capability and experience to meet our needs.

Supply opportunities are also promoted through some of these networks, where appropriate.

Local and regional business networks are a source of advice and education for local businesses when developing their capability and competitiveness.

Inland Rail is also a member of Supply Nation and uses online business directories to proactively identify capable First Nations businesses that may be able to participate in our supply chain.

Want to learn more about opportunities for local and First Nations small businesses?


Inland Rail is committed to ensuring fairness in all its procurement activities. We have appointed O’Connor Marsden and Associates as independent probity advisors. They work with us to ensure the process for every tender is fair and robust.

Do you have questions or queries about probity? Contact our Probity Advisor.