Utilities relocations – Gowrie Junction, July-November 2024

From 17 July 2024, Telstra will carry out work to relocate underground telecommunication cables for the Gowrie to Helidon section of Inland Rail.



17 July 2024 - 30 November 2024

Working hours

6.30am – 5.30pm, Monday-Friday, until approximately 30 November 2024.


Leesons Road to Gowrie Junction Road

  • Gowrie Junction
Local Government Area
  • Toowoomba Region Council

Work being done

  • Relocation of underground telecommunication cables.

Works will start from Leesons Road and progress towards Gowrie Junction Road.

The work will predominantly be in road reserve; however, some access to private properties will be required.

What can I expect?

  • Delivery trucks and other vehicles in the Gowrie Junction area to support the works
  • Construction machinery and equipment operating
    on site
  • Increased noise.

Machinery used

Vacuum trucks, directional boring machine, earth moving equipment, tip trucks, light vehicles.

How we’re managing impacts

  • Works will have no impact on landowner access
  • Traffic control will be in place, where required
  • If additional out-of-hours work is required, nearby residents will be notified.


Phone: 1800 732 761

Email: inlandrailqld@inlandrail.com.au

Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we carry out these works.