The Calvert to Kagaru section of Inland Rail includes building a new dual gauge track.

The route will divert from the West Moreton rail line near Calvert and connect to the existing Sydney to Brisbane interstate rail line at Kagaru. In addition to the new track, the works are expected to include a 985m tunnel through the Teviot Range, 31 new bridges and up to four crossing loops.

Revised reference design

We are pleased to share the revised reference design for the project with you, and the news that we are removing seven of the eight proposed level crossings.

In developing the project’s revised reference design, we have considered property impacts, community and stakeholder feedback, safety, environment, technical viability, operational restrictions and constructability.

You can find details of the changes on the consultation page. We will start landowner and public consultation on the revised design in late October.

Draft EIS public display

The Calvert to Kagaru project draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) public display commenced on Saturday 19 December 2020 and concluded on Monday 8 March 2021.

For more information about the EIS process and next steps, visit the Queensland Coordinator-General’s website.



New track



Anticipated works

Building new dual gauge track, a 985m tunnel, 31 new bridges and up to four crossing loops


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Inland Rail Review outcomes for the Calvert to Kagaru project

The Australian Government has announced that the Inland Rail Service Offering of double-stacked trains will operate between the intermodal terminal at Beveridge, Victoria, and a proposed terminal at Ebenezer, Queensland, with a single-stacked connection to be built between Ebenezer and Kagaru.

The Calvert to Kagaru project, which connects to Ebenezer, will progress with a revised scope that we are in the process of determining with the Government.

The Australian Government has agreed in principle that a terminal should be developed at Ebenezer to support Inland Rail operations, subject to its consideration of the outcome of the Brisbane Inland Rail Intermodal Terminal Business Case.

We will update this webpage with the revised project scope once it is determined.

Project map

The Calvert to Kagaru section follows the protected Southern Freight Rail Corridor (SFRC) which links the West Moreton line near Calvert to the interstate rail line near Kagaru, north of Beaudesert.

Download map

Interactive maps

We have developed interactive consultation and noise maps for the project.

Drop a pin on the consultation map to add your comment. Your feedback will help us get a better understanding of key issues from a community perspective.

View the consultation map

The noise map shows the noise levels predicted from the railway operations in 2027.

View the noise map

C2K Social Pinpoint Map Thumbnail
Aerial view of new corridor on Ganzer Morris Road from Morris Road, Gowrie, Queensland.

Gowrie to Kagaru section fact sheet

Information on the Gowrie to Kagaru project, which encompasses three sections: Gowrie to Helidon, Helidon to Calvert and Calvert to Kagaru. The Gowrie to Kagaru section of Inland Rail is considered the most technically complex section of the Inland Rail program.

Download PDF