Safer travels thanks to Glenrowan’s new shared user path

The new Beaconsfield Parade bridge shared user path is already making travel safer and more accessible, according to local users.

The bridge has officially opened to traffic, pedestrians and other users, and Glenrowan local Darren Roberts is pleased.

“It’s so much better than what we had. It’s smoother and there’s plenty of space for me to ride my scooter safely across,” Mr Roberts said.

The new 145-metre bridge replaces the 60-year-old existing bridge and will allow greater clearance for Inland Rail to run double-stacked freight trains safely underneath.

It incorporates a separate shared user path to improve safety and accessibility, and better link the main street with the town’s heritage sites.

Works are continuing in Glenrowan with the finishing touches including connecting roads, installing pathways and adding landscaping and streetlighting.

Watch the bridge opening event video

Darren Roberts using his mobility scooter on new footpaths at Beaconsfield Parade bridge, Glenrowan

Image caption: Darren Roberts “road tests” Glenrowan’s new shared user path. (Source: Inland Rail)

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