Ballast train deliveries coming soon

The ballast train is due to hit the tracks north of Moree from early March!

Ballast train south of Moree for 2021 construction works

Ballast is a special grade of stone that enables drainage and supports the sleepers and rail track, keeping them in place while the trains run.

A ballast train rides the new tracks dropping ballast over the sleepers and between the tracks via doors at the bottom of each carriage. The ballast train has 27 carriages, each with 54 tonnes of capacity.

Once the ballast train passes it will be followed by a tamping machine, which is a self-propelled, rail-mounted machine that compacts the ballast under railway tracks to make the tracks and roadbed more durable and level.

This machine is classified as rolling stock machinery. All residents north of Moree should be aware this previously inactive line will be transitioned to ‘live rail’ and become very active during March.

For everyone’s safety, while these machines are operating, additional safety precautions will be in place at all level crossings, between Calimpa Road and Gil Gil Creek Road, so please observe all signage and traffic instructions.

IMAGE: Ballast train south of Moree for 2021 construction works