Camurra to North Star major track upgrade works

From May 2021, Trans4m Rail will continue major track construction works within the existing rail corridor between Camurra and North Star.

Aerial view of Camurra existing curve in track, Greenfield section north of Back Pally Road, Moree, New South Wales.



May 2021 - October 2021

Working hours

Between 7am and 6pm, seven days a week


Within the existing rail corridor between Camurra and North Star

  • Camurra, NSW
  • North Star, NSW
Local Government Area
  • Gwydir Shire
  • Moree Plains Shire

Work being done

  • Replacing existing sleepers and track with concrete sleepers and new steel tracks
  • raising the level of the rail formation (the supportive foundations of the track)
  • rail bridge demolition and replacement
  • replacing and upgrading drainage (including culverts)and level crossings
  • upgrading signalling and communications equipment
  • construction of access gates and roads
  • installing signage, fencing, services and utilities within the rail corridor..

What to expect

  • Trucks and other vehicles will enter and exit the construction site via access gates along the alignment
  • changed traffic conditions will be in place at level crossings
  • construction machinery and equipment operating on site
  • delivery of materials and equipment
  • Low impact activities such as machinery re-fuelling, managing environmental controls and traffic control may also occur outside of work hours
  • motorists should follow traffic controls and drive with caution.

Machinery used

  • Hi-rail vehicles
  • trucks
  • articulated dump trucks
  • graders
  • scrapers
  • excavators
  • loaders
  • dozers
  • stabilisers
  • posi-tracks
  • compactors
  • rollers
  • water/vacuum excavation trucks.

How we’re managing impacts

  • traffic control will be in place, where required
  • water carts will be on site to wet down areas to assist in managing dust.


Phone: 1800 732 761


Post: Inland Rail, GPO Box 14, Sydney NSW 2001