Female participation is more than just numbers for our Vic contractor McConnell Dowell

ARTC Inland Rail recognises the importance of a diverse workforce and we are proud of our strong female representation, particularly across leadership roles.

July 21, 2022

Environmental and sustainability graduate Hannah Yap

Our early delivery activities contractor, McConnell Dowell, is also demonstrating its commitment to support more female participation across its workforce in the works they are delivering in the Beveridge to Albury section in Victoria.

McConnell Dowell set a target of 17 per cent female participation for its project team but have exceeded this number with a workforce of 45 per cent women.

According to McConnell Dowell, this is a powerful demonstration of what the right approach to workforce recruitment and retention can achieve.

McConnell Dowell’s environmental and sustainability graduate Hannah Yap is pleased to see a growing number of women being recognised in senior positions across the project team.

“I am witness to women of all sorts driving the helm: women in engineering, women in leadership, women as strong mothers, women as role models, women who are deservingly respected and accomplished.

“I am here to tell you that this matters, representation matters, in the workplace and beyond that. It allows women like me to have confidence that a space can truly be created for change and there is a proper chance of shaking up the systemic (and personal) status quo.”

McConnell Dowell’s female workforce spans several technical disciplines with key roles including Engineering Manager, Communications and Engagement Manager, Engagement Advisor, Contract Administrators, Sustainability Manager, Graduate Engineer, Quality and Completions Engineer.

IMAGE: Environmental and sustainability graduate Hannah Yap.

July 21, 2022