Gowrie to Kagaru 2021 in review

As 2021 draws to a close, the Gowrie to Kagaru team would like to thank our communities for their contributions as our three projects continue to build momentum.

Mount Lofty, Toowoomba Queensland

During the year, we made significant progress on environmental approvals, with all three Gowrie to Kagaru projects (being Gowrie to Helidon, Helidon to Calvert and Calvert to Kagaru) completing their draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) public consultation phases.

Each draft EIS was on public display for a period of three months and our teams were heavily involved in assisting community members understand the technical assessments and findings of the documents and how to make submissions.

Running in parallel with the environmental assessment process, is the Gowrie to Kagaru Public Private Partnership (PPP) procurement process.

During the year, the three short-listed consortia submitted their bids for the PPP contract and we expect to announce a preferred bidder in early 2022. We will share with project communities any design refinements proposed by the preferred bidder once the announcement is made.

Our stakeholder engagement teams continue to consult widely with local communities, and we invite you to check out this communication and engagement activities infographic below. We look forward to keeping our communities informed of project progress in 2022.

Infographic showing a snapshot of statistics for the Gowrie to Kagaru projects in 2021

Image: a snapshot of Gowrie to Kagaru 2021 communication and engagement activities

Christmas office closure

Over the Christmas period, our offices in Brisbane, Gatton and Toowoomba will be closed from 1:00pm Friday 24 December until Tuesday 4 January 2022. If you’d like to speak to someone during that period, please call us on 1800 732 761.

Proof of vaccination status

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We encourage you to visit the Queensland government website to find out how to add your vaccination certificate or medical exemption certificate to the Check In Qld app. The website also outlines alternatives if you don’t have a mobile device.