How we’re working with landowners for land access

Working with landowners is a vital part of Inland Rail planning and consultation, and we want to thank our landowners for their ongoing cooperation with providing us access to their land.

Staff member accessing land

As we move through the planning and approvals phases for the Gowrie to Kagaru section in 2022, and select a preferred bidder to deliver the project, our work on identifying the optimal alignment will be crucial.

We will need to carry out further field studies and our close working relationships with landowners will be critical to obtaining information our teams need to build the best possible Inland Rail.

This year we will once again be seeking to enter into Land Access Agreements with property owners within the Gowrie to Kagaru project footprint.

The Land Access Agreements address how our field investigation teams can be permitted to access your land, taking into consideration your needs, access points, crop and agricultural requirements, privacy and any other factors.

The agreement is also an opportunity for landowners to add any specific requirements pertaining to their land.

Your local knowledge and cooperation will play a huge part in ensuring accurate information is collected and accounted for within the design and construction of the project.

If you have received any correspondence from our Land Access team and would like more information, you can contact us on (07) 3364 8900, otherwise send an email to