Inland Rail providing a welcome boost to regional Victoria

An $80 million contract awarded to Vossloh Cogifer Australia for the local manufacture of Inland Rail turnouts is providing jobs and innovation, according to General Manager Boris Rozentoul.

Worker at the Vossloh workshop completing metal works - there are sparks flying from the tool

Mr Rozentoul said the contract, announced in early 2021, was the most important project for the Castlemaine manufacturer.

“This particular job provides massive innovation for our design and manufacturing methods,” Mr Rozentoul said.

The company is currently employing three additional engineers who are working full time on the turnout designs.

This includes the design and manufacture of more than 200 turnouts, which allow a freight train to diverge from one track to another.

“When Inland Rail is in full swing, we will have additional 20 full time employees working on that project alone,” he said.

“Inland Rail provides a very welcome boost to the regional areas, particularly after the last couple of years.

“It provides for employment opportunities, the future business opportunities. It provides the sense that the country is moving again together.”

Read the contract announcement.