Murray Valley Highway, Barnawartha North – site establishment and utilities relocations

In November and December 2022, our contractor McConnell Dowell will undertake site compound preparation works and utilities relocations in and around the Murray Valley Highway, Barnawartha North.



November 2022 - December 2022

Working hours

7am to 6pm, seven days a week


Murray Valley Highway, Barnawartha North

  • Murray Valley Highway Barnawartha North
Local Government Area
  • Wodonga City Council

Work being done

Works will involve delivery of materials and equipment, approved removal of vegetation and connections to water, power and sewer services.

Most of the works will be undertaken on or beside the rail track, with minimal impact to road users in the area other than the increase of machinery, equipment and vehicle activity.

What can I expect

  • Site compound preparation
  • Approved vegetation removal to make way for site sheds
  • Implementation of environmental controls
  • Ground excavation in various locations
  • Utilities relocations and connections (power, water and sewer)
  • Some traffic management on the Murray Valley Highway with speed reductions down to 40km/h
  • Trucks and other vehicles entering and exiting the work site from Welladsens Road, which may cause minor delays
  • Trucks and other vehicles entering the work site via the temporary haul road from the Hume Freeway off-ramp
  • Construction machinery and equipment operating onsite
  • Nearby residents can expect some noise during daylight hours.

Machinery used

  • Support vehicles and
  • some heavy vehicles will be used within the works area.

How we’re managing impacts

  • We will use less generators and light towers as we will connect the site to power, water and sewer
  • Traffic management will be in place to ensure safe access for all road users where required
  • Water carts will be onsite to wet down areas to assist in managing dust
  • Reducing number of vehicles required onsite
  • Equipment and machinery will be delivered to the site via rail where possible to minimise traffic impacts.


Phone: 1800 929 244


Post: 39 Bakehouse Road, Kensington, Vic 3031

Visit our pop-up stand on Thursday 10 November at Welladsens Rd, Barnawartha North from 12pm to 3.30pm