No. 76: Nanardine Lane, Parkes

We are upgrading level crossings between Parkes and Narromine as part of our work to build Inland Rail. While we do this, we need to temporarily close public roads.

No. 76: Nanardine Lane, Parkes



June 2024

Local Government Area

Nanardine Lane, Parkes, is currently closed. The closure will be extended to install the new rail, eliminating the need for the road to be closed again in the future.

Nanardine Lane will now remain closed until mid-February 2020.

Location of works

Nanardine Lane, between Back Trundle Road and Wyatts Lane, Parkes.

Road detour will be via Back Trundle Road and Nanardine Lane, Parkes.

What we’re doing

  • Laying new rail and sleepers
  • Build road formations and new plate over rail
  • Welding rail into place
  • Install new gravel (ballast), tamp (adjust) rail into place
  • Install permanent signage and fencing

What to expect

  • During the work there will be heavy vehicles travelling to and from the work sites.
  • Traffic management with detour signage will be in place to assist those impacted by the road closure.