The Parkes to Narromine section in New South Wales was commissioned in late September 2020 and is now operational.

The project involved the upgrade of 98.4km of existing rail track, including a full rebuild of the rail tracks, rail formation and supporting structures along the rail corridor.

The 5.3km stretch of new rail track near Parkes, known as the North West Connection, is also complete and has been transferred to ARTC Operations with trains now using the line.

Following completion of Inland Rail, the Parkes to Narromine section will provide a direct rail link between south-east Queensland, Adelaide and Perth via the Parkes north west connection. This connection will deliver immediate benefits with the east–west transcontinental line to Perth.



Upgrade and new track


98.4km upgrade track
5.3km new track


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The Parkes to Narromine section of Inland Rail is now operational.

Construction of our first project is officially complete

More than 1,800 people worked on the Parkes to Narromine project (including more than 760 locals) and over $100 million was spent with 99 local businesses, including $14.1 million with First Nations businesses – a big boost to the local economy.

Want to know more about this incredible milestone? Check out this video for some stats on how far we’ve come.

Take care – trains are now in operation

Trains are already operating on the Parkes to Narromine line, which is now part of ARTC’s Interstate Network. We’ve improved safety at about 30 level crossings at Parkes, Alectown, Peak Hill, Tomingley and Narromine. Check the interactive map for details on level crossing locations in your area.

Please take extra care at level crossings and obey all signage, signals and boom gates

Project map

The upgrade of existing rail track followed the route from Parkes, heading north through Goonumbla, Mickibri, Peak Hill, Tomingley West, and on to Narromine.

Download map

Interactive map

We have developed an interactive map to provide an overview of the project works.

View interactive map

P2N Social Pinpoint Map

Community enquiries

For community and landowner related queries or issues, please phone ARTC’s Enviroline on 1300 550 402 or email (24hrs).