Noise consultation on southern NSW projects

Our project teams across the three southern NSW projects will be consulting affected landowners throughout December and January to discuss the potential for noise during operations, and how we will apply feasible and reasonable management measures.

Graphic showing a range of noises and their perceived noise level in decibels

Some residents may not have experienced rail noise before and some live in areas where there are existing noise impacts from rail operations. Impacts associated with the operation of Inland Rail are investigated as part of the environmental assessments. Noise modelling considers potential impacts at the opening of each project, when the entire Inland Rail program is complete, and within one year after operating at full capacity.

During construction of Inland Rail, we will take measures to reduce noise impacts on communities. This includes varying construction hours where appropriate, depending on the location and types of works to be undertaken.

Noise and vibration from construction activities is temporary. We will work with our contractors to manage effects on amenity and will inform the community when works are high intensity, at night, or around-the-clock during track possessions.