This 39km section of Inland Rail creates a new direct route from east of Illabo tracking north to Stockinbingal in New South Wales.

The route will bypass the townships of Cootamundra and Bethungra and the winding, steep section of track known as the Bethungra Spiral on the Main South line—opening up a more efficient way to transport freight through the area. A two-kilometre wide study area has been identified and approved by the Australian Government. This project is currently in the approvals stage.



New track



Anticipated works

Building a new track to bypass local townships and steep, winding track


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Project map

This new track begins east of Illabo, tracking north to Stockinbingal, connecting into the existing Forbes rail line.

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Interactive maps

We have developed interactive consultation and noise maps for the project.

View the consultation map

The noise map shows the noise levels predicted from the railway operations in 2026.

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Image thumbnail for Illabo to Stockinbingal project fact sheet

Illabo to Stockinbingal project fact sheet

This document provides a current status and overview of the Illabo to Stockinbingal project.

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