Ongoing Helidon to Calvert community engagement to keep you updated

Submissions on the Helidon to Calvert draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) are currently being considered by the Queensland Coordinator-General to determine whether a request for additional information is required.

Helidon to Calvert draft EIS information session at Gatton

The project’s draft EIS public display period closed on 23 June 2021 with a total of 233 submissions received. Early feedback from the Coordinator-General suggests key issues raised during the public display period include property values, noise and vibration, visual amenity, air quality, flooding and level crossings. We expect to receive formal advice from the Coordinator-General in the new year.

You can view the draft EIS online at

In the meantime, we are working on reviewing the comments from the other projects and feedback from the independent panel of experts for flood studies in Queensland.

We provided an update to the Lockyer Valley Community Consultative Committee on Tuesday 7 December 2021 – details of the meeting, including the presentation and minutes will be available on the Lockyer Valley CCC webpage.

Next steps

We are developing an interactive noise map based on the current draft EIS which will show the predicted airborne noise levels once Inland Rail is operational. We will inform you once the map is ready for release in early 2022.

ARTC continues to keep landowners informed of upcoming site and environmental investigations. The ongoing studies and assessments ensure the project has the latest information and data.

Landholders in the project area can expect calls from our team regarding land access. You may also see our teams carrying out investigations in the transport corridor reserves. If you have any questions about these activities, please call us on 1800 732 761.

Proof of vaccination status

Please note from 31 January 2022, all Inland Rail offices, information sessions and Community Consultative Committee meetings will abide by the Queensland Government requirement for Queensland venues, locations and businesses to restrict entry to only those who are fully vaccinated.

We encourage you to visit the Queensland government website to find out how to add your vaccination certificate or medical exemption certificate to the Check In Qld app. The website also outlines alternatives if you don’t have a mobile device.

Helidon to Calvert draft EIS information session at Gatton

IMAGES: Helidon to Calvert draft EIS information session at Gatton