Rail safety campaign

With trains running on the upgraded section of track between Penneys Road, Bellata and Tapscott Road, South Moree since 1 November and increased truck movements during harvest, community awareness of level crossing safety is critical.

December 22, 2021

Truck driving through a level crossing

ARTC is running a Rail Safety Campaign to alert locals about the operating line and the need for everyone to take extra care at level crossings. To ensure your safety:

  • Stop at all level crossings
  • Look and listen for trains
  • Obey all warning signals and signs before you cross.

Local residents should keep an eye out for signage at level crossings between Narrabri North and Camurra (north of Moree) and VMS boards at major grain silos. There’ll also be radio, newspaper and social media advertisements and direct messages to landowners and truck drivers from our local silos.

December 22, 2021