Thank you for participating in Calvert to Kagaru project workshops

The Calvert to Kagaru (C2K) project team thanks all community members who have attended the recent interactive workshops to inform the C2K revised draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Calvert to Kagaru community members at the Flora and fauna, sustainability and offsets workshop held in April.

We have held three workshops between March and May 2022 which were attended by a total of 74 community members. More workshops are planned over the coming months.

The first workshop in March focussed on surface water, hydrology, flooding and groundwater – it was attended by 22 community members in person and by three people online. Presentations on each topic were followed by question-and-answer sessions and break-out one-on-one discussions. A key outcome of this workshop was visits to landowners’ properties to gather more local information about flooding levels and impacts.

Flora and fauna, sustainability and offsets were the topics for the second workshop which was held in April. A total of 32 community members attended, including 23 in person and nine online. Community members raised some key topics with the Inland Rail team, and an additional ecology workshop will be held later this year where stakeholders will be asked to provide information regarding koala sightings and movements during floods and other key information.

The third workshop on social performance and business opportunities was attended in person by nine community members and online by a further eight. Mental health was a major focus including discussion on ways to support mental health in the areas serviced by the NewAccess program and the Wellbeing Mental Health Service and building communication networks.

Planning for further workshops on traffic and level crossings, noise and vibration, and ecology is underway – once the details are confirmed, we will advertise those sessions via newspaper advertisements, electronic newsletters, social media advertisements, and website listings.

If you’d like more information on these workshops or to speak to our stakeholder engagement team, please email or call 1800 732 761.

IMAGE: Calvert to Kagaru community members at the Flora and fauna, sustainability and offsets workshop held in April.