What is detailed design?

Detailed design is the phase we enter during and following environmental approvals and sees the construction contractor undertake further environmental and technical investigations to validate and enhance the existing reference design.

Infographic of project stages

In particular, we work with landowners to further define the infrastructure going on or near their property. This includes how to move around the rail corridor via crossings, bridges, underpasses and pathways. It also creates a clearer definition of construction zones where we are using land temporarily, as well as setting up compounds and laydown areas for storing equipment and temporary worker accommodation to support construction.

During detailed design you will see workers on site. Often, they will be carrying out further surveys and studies to ensure the project’s design is safe to construct and minimises community and environmental impacts wherever possible.

In instances where new information comes to light or circumstances change, Inland Rail will refine the reference design when necessary to ensure the best possible outcome is being achieved.

Key stakeholders and landowners will be kept informed during this process.