Works and planning

Works in the North Star to NSW/Qld Border project area include upgrading 25km of non-operational rail line and constructing 5km of new track across the Macintyre River to join the existing rail line in Queensland.

Since 2016, our team has undertaken detailed field studies and consultation with landowners and local communities. These investigations have helped us to understand the potential issues and opportunities around the Macintyre River crossing.

Some of this work includes:

  • meeting and working with landowners, stakeholders and the community to gather information about flooding, roads, traffic patterns, utilities and services, business opportunities and farming operations
  • undertaking a range of investigations to gain a better understanding of existing environmental features, technical challenges and opportunities
  • sharing information with the local community through individual conversations, community information sessions, meetings and project communication
  • developing a detailed flood model of the Macintyre floodplain catchment area
  • liaising with directed affected landowners, local flood specialists, government and the community to incorporate feedback and input into the reference design.

Watch a fly-through of the project

Get a bird’s-eye view of the North Star to NSW/QLD Border section.

This fly-through shows the 30km of new track and associated facilities between North Star and NSW/Qld Border considered by the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure.

This section comprises 25km of the existing non-operational Boggabilla rail corridor and 5km of new corridor to the north of the alignment.

The fly-through provides a bird’s eye view of the project’s reference design, including the proposed rail alignment, proposed Macintyre floodplain crossing solution, public road rail crossings, bridge structures, cuttings and embankments.

Please note, the reference design may change as a result of further investigations, government approvals or during detailed design. Buildings directly impacted by the reference design are not shown in this video.

We acknowledge some properties are impacted by the project reference design and landowners can still provide feedback by contacting the project team on 1800 732 761 or via email at