Bigger and brighter pedestrian underpass set for Benalla Station

Following feedback from the Benalla community, the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) will deliver a new pedestrian underpass in the Benalla Station precinct as part of the Inland Rail Project.

September 13, 2022

Visualisation showing design of Benalla Station Precinct

During the community consultation process there was overwhelming support for a pedestrian underpass rather than a pedestrian overpass, to provide access between the two sides of the station precinct.

At the start of the community consultation process, ARTC produced 3D visualisations of both the overpass and underpass options to help the community better understand what each one may look like.

Based on the feedback, it was clear the underpass was much preferred and ARTC will now incorporate an extended pedestrian underpass into the proposed design for Benalla Station.

ARTC would like to thank the community for their feedback and assure them we have listened and confirmed both the track alignment and the cross-precinct pedestrian access, in response to their feedback.

Ed Walker, ARTC Victoria and South Australia Projects General Manager said:

“Based on the community feedback we received, the new pedestrian underpass was overwhelmingly favoured as it was considered to be the more accessible, bright and open option.

“Construction at Benalla Station is not scheduled to begin before 2024 and ARTC remains committed to open and transparent consultation through active engagement to understand the community’s views relating to the projects we are responsible for delivering.

“ARTC will continue to work with stakeholders and the community as we seek to develop Benalla Station to cater for double-stacked freight trains as part of Inland Rail.

“Not only does Inland Rail deliver a freight solution to support the country’s future, but it’s critical to keep the national economy moving, particularly in regional areas where it will better link businesses to national and global markets and generate new opportunities.”

For more information on the Inland Rail project in Benalla, community members can visit our shopfront on Wednesdays 10am -2pm at 53 Carrier Street, Benalla, or visit our interactive map.

September 13, 2022