Boys to the Bush push new frontiers with camp trailer

Our construction partner McConnell Dowell are doing their bit for the Wangaratta community, sponsoring Boys to the Bush, a local non-for-profit organisation that helps boys become good men.

Simon Dale and Frazer Dale with the Boys to the Bush trailer and new camping products.

The team contributed funds to fit out a new trailer for use during regular Boys to the Bush camps and mentoring sessions.

The trailer now features new lights, fridge/freezer, radio, solar blanket, battery, chainsaw and much more, to ensure the group has what they need when heading out bush.

Boys to the Bush Program Coordinator Matt Dillon, said:

“With this fit-out, we achieve a level of self-sufficiency for our camps we didn’t have before. Enhancing our mobility and enabling a range of diverse experiences in different settings. It’s not just practical support; it goes a long way to helping us deliver on our mission.”

McConnell Dowell also offers opportunities for Boys to the Bush youths to visit Inland Rail construction sites to gain an understanding of the Inland Rail project and what life in construction has to offer.

The team recently welcomed students to Glenrowan to explore the construction of the new Beaconsfield Parade bridge. Here they engaged with the students, explaining their roles and their career experiences.

“Through their sponsorship of Boys to the Bush and initiatives like site visits for local youth, McConnell Dowell exemplifies corporate responsibility with a focus on meaningful impact. By exposing these kids to diverse experiences and positive role models, they are helping pave the way for a bright future,” said Mr Dillon said.

Top image caption: Simon Dale and Frazer Dale with the Boys to the Bush trailer and new camping products.