The Scenic Rim and Ipswich Community Consultative Committee was established in December 2017 and has 13 members, plus the Independent Chair, who will provide input and feedback into the Calvert to Kagaru project.

The two-year tenure of the Scenic Rim and Ipswich CCC concluded in late 2019. The renewed Committee was appointed in March 2020 for up to two years, or until the Calvert to Kagaru project has gained statutory approval.

In October 2021, the Committee name was updated to include Ipswich.

Quick facts


December 2017

Renewed Committee appointed

March 2020

Aerial view of Mount Flinders Road at Truloff Road, Peak Crossing, Queensland.

Areas represented

  • Rosewood
  • Ebenezer
  • Willowbank
  • Mutdapilly
  • Purga
  • Peak Crossing
  • Washpool
  • Kagaru
  • Undullah
  • Beaudesert

Upcoming meetings

The Committee holds regular meetings. Observers are welcome, however registrations are recommended.

To register, please contact the team by phoning 1800 732 761.

There are currently no upcoming consultative-committee-working-group events.

Previous meetings


Katherine Baburin – Chair


Phillip Bell

Representation: Ipswich Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Ipswich Region Food and Agribusiness Network


Simon Birrell

Representation: Rosewood District Protection Organisation


Robert Collett

Representation: Willowbank Area Residents Group Inc.


Angela Collyer

Representation: Individual


Alison Duke-Gibb

Representation: Individual


Robyn Keenan

Representation: Logan & Albert Conservation Association

Contact: or  0408 455 525


Janice McGregor

Representation: Ivory’s Rock Foundation


Narrella Simpson

Representation: Yuggera/Ugarapul People


Adrian Stephan

Representation: Individual


Rosemaree Thomasson

Representation: Individual


Mike Townsend

Representation: Beaudesert Chamber of Commerce


Thumbnail image of Scenic Rim Community Consultative Committee Charter document

Scenic Rim CCC charter

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Find out more

If you have an enquiry about the Committee, please contact the project team by phone on 1800 732 761 or email