Inland Rail shares updated information on proposed underpass with Euroa community

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) will run information sessions, community pop-ups and focus groups in Euroa over the next four weeks to share the latest information and gather feedback on the underpass proposed to replace the Anderson Street bridge.

Euora visualisation

ARTC acknowledges the community’s preference for a vehicle underpass and has undertaken additional technical investigations to better understand the road safety, flooding and emergency management impacts and risks associated with this design option.

Updated visualisations show the proposed flood mitigation measures, including raised earth mounds surrounding the underpass, culverts, pumps and a sump, that will ensure the continued use of the proposed underpass road in the modelled flood scenarios.

For more information or to register for a focus group session please visit our events page.

Ed Walker, ARTC Victoria and South Australia Projects General Manager said:

‘Before progressing the proposed underpass to the next phase of design, we want to share the information from the additional investigations and answer any questions the Euroa community may have about this updated information.

‘We’ll share the hydrological mapping and an updated visualisation showing the proposed underpass with flood mitigation measures required. We’ll also discuss any impacts on emergency services vehicles and the proposed detours required should the underpass become inaccessible.

‘Inland Rail is a nation building project that is transforming how goods are moved around Australia, generating opportunities for our regions and our economy.

‘It’s clear the Euroa community is passionate about how Inland Rail is delivered in their town. We thank you for waiting patiently for an update and acknowledge this has taken longer than anticipated.

‘Replacing the Anderson Street bridge to allow for the safe passage of double-stacked freight trains with an underpass is a complex solution. We are sharing the updated information to ensure the community has a chance to understand the design impacts of the proposed mitigation measures on the underpass and we want your feedback.

‘Local participation matters to ensure the best solution for Euroa is progressed’.