Inland Rail spreads the benefits to local students

Our construction contractor McConnell Dowell has donated vegetation mulch from the Wangaratta Railway Station site to the Wangaratta District Specialist School to use in their agriculture and horticulture program.

Four teens standing or sitting near a huge pile of mulch.

Students (left to right) Don Young, Tori Waddell-Laing, Aaron Feltham and Jack Elliot Scragg benefit from McConnell Dowell’s donation of mulch.


School teacher Matthew Baxter welcomed the generous donation to the Victorian Pathways Certificate students at Wangaratta District Specialist School.

“The students, who are studying agriculture and horticulture, have been using the mulch for their landscaping and gardening projects in the local community,” Mr Baxter said.

“Donations like this support our students in developing the skills they need to transition out of school into the workforce.”