Inland Rail activates new mobile base stations

Inland Rail has officially turned on two new mobile base stations in Mount Tenandra, sixty kilometres west of Coonabarabran and Kickabil, forty kilometres north of Narromine, in central west New South Wales.

Narromine to Narrabri landscape

The new mobile base stations, delivered by Telstra, will enhance voice and data communications for trains on the ARTC network but have also been augmented to improve local community coverage.

Inland Rail is now working on delivering an additional mobile base station at Black Hollow, sixty kilometres east of Coonamble, with land access for this site secured and design now underway.

Inland Rail has already invested $3.4 million in upgrades to mobile infrastructure in the Narrabri to North Star section of the project.

Mobile base stations have been upgraded in North Star, Croppa Creek and Gurley with a new tower due to be constructed in Crooble in the coming months, providing improved connectivity for trains operating on the section and, in addition, for residents and businesses.

All the new and upgraded infrastructure being rolled out is being fitted with 5G capable antennae, meaning that local homes and businesses will be able to receive 5G services without additional network upgrades being required in the future.

The work, which is funded by Inland Rail and being delivered by Telstra, will form part of the legacy the Inland Rail project will leave with communities along the alignment to benefit from the improvements for years to come.