Ground investigation, survey works, Marchbanks Road, Broadford, 9 July to early-September 2024

Specialist contractors will undertake site survey and investigation works at various locations on High Street, the Marchbanks Road bridge, Hume Freeway on-ramp and within the nearby rail corridor.



09 July 2024 - September 2024

Working hours
  • 7am-6pm Monday to Friday
  • 7am-1pm Saturdays
  • Overnight work in the rail corridor, 9pm-5am, Friday 30 August to Tuesday 3 September

Marchbanks Road, Broadford

  • Broadford
Local Government Area
  • Mitchell Shire Council

Work being done

  • Surveying the ARTC railway track, road and pavement levels at multiple locations using handheld equipment. Surveys may also be required at a small number of private properties. Impacted property owners will be contacted regarding access prior to works
  • Locating and mapping underground services using non-destructive digging (NDD)
  • Borehole drilling using a small truck mounted drill rig to take soil samples for testing and assessment. Once the works are complete at each location the hole will be filled
  • Establishing a groundwater well on Marchbanks Road. This involves drilling into the ground, installing a narrow pipe and fixing a cover to allow access as required
  • Overnight borehole drilling works within the rail corridor while trains are not running.

During this time pedestrians and motorists are asked to take care and observe all traffic management instructions and signage.

Work area

Map showing works area, as described in text in the article

Map of works area.

What can I expect?

  • Works 7am-6pm Monday to Friday and 7am-1pm Saturdays
  • Overnight borehole drilling works in the rail corridor between Friday 30 August and Tuesday 3 September, 9pm-5am
  • Traffic management, including a short period (up-to a week) where temporary traffic lights and shuttle flow along the Marchbanks Road bridge will be in place
  • Reduced speed limits of 40km/h near works
  • Workers using machinery, equipment, hand tools and service vehicles operating at each site
  • The drilling process will create small holes in the ground which will be filled in at the completion of the works
  • Nearby residents may hear some noise during daylight hours and can expect some additional construction workers and vehicles in the area
  • The groundwater well on Marchbanks Road will require regular monitoring and traffic management will be in place during these times.

Machinery used

Small truck mounted drill rig, non-destructive digging vehicle, support vehicles, workers using hand tools and survey equipment, traffic management equipment and signage.

How we’re managing impacts

  • Traffic management and reduced road speeds
  • Environmental controls in place
  • Access to private properties will be maintained.

Cancellation of works

Works can sometimes be cancelled at short notice depending on weather and other factors. Should this occur, works will be rescheduled


Phone:1800 732 761


Visit: 39 Bakehouse Road, Kensington, Vic 3031.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we carry out these works.