We are committed to working with landowners and stakeholders along the Gowrie to Helidon project alignment to receive their feedback as we progress our planning.

To date, our team has spoken with many affected landowners, community members and key stakeholders through one-on-one discussions, briefings, meetings and workshops.

We thank you for sharing your local knowledge and valuable feedback. We encourage you to stay involved and invite you to contact the project team for more information and to provide feedback at any time.

Email us at or call 1800 732 761. You can also drop into our offices either at 47 North Street, Gatton or 143-145 Margaret Street, Toowoomba.


Community engagement opportunities

We are currently preparing responses to the Coordinator-General’s request for additional information. Where further field studies and public consultation are required, we will conduct these to inform our responses.

We will advertise all public consultation sessions in your local newspapers, our website, on social media and via our electronic newsletter. If you haven’t already, please sign up to receive the latest updates via email.

During the public notification period for the draft EIS in 2021, we held six information sessions and two Community Consultative Committee (CCC) meetings to explain the draft EIS and advise how the community can have their say.

More than 120 community members attended the information sessions to find out more about the project and how to make submissions. Thank you to everyone who attended sessions.


Independent International Panel of Experts for flood studies in Queensland

In June 2020, the Australian and Queensland governments established an Independent International Panel of Experts for flood studies to provide both levels of government advice on the flood models and structural designs developed by ARTC for Inland Rail in Queensland.

In October 2022, the Australian Government released the Final Report of the Independent International Panel of Experts for Flood Studies (the Panel) of Inland Rail in Queensland.

ARTC Inland Rail welcomes the release of the final report by the Panel, which found that our flood models in Queensland are fit for purpose and demonstrate industry best practice for this stage of the design lifecycle.

We will review the report in detail, implement the six recommendations into the relevant project’s revised Environment Impact Statement (EIS) and incorporate these findings into ongoing detailed design work we are undertaking with our construction contractors.


Contact us

If would like to speak with a member of the project team please email us at or call 1800 732 761.

Translation services and literacy support

If you need help with reading the EIS documents, or if English is your second language, please call 131 450. This is a free service.

Gowrie to Helidon draft EIS presentation video

View a video of the presentations delivered by the EIS subject matter experts at the Gowrie to Calvert CCC meeting on Tuesday 24 August 2021. The presentations cover 11 chapters from the draft EIS. Use the chapters listed in the video description to skip to the topic you’re interested in.

View the presentation

ARTC Information Session at Murphys Creek

Draft EIS summary of findings

The Gowrie to Helidon summary of findings provides a high-level overview of each chapter of the draft EIS. It summarises the major findings of the technical studies and shows where in the EIS more detailed information can be found.

View summary of findings

Aerial shot of a large forest near Gowrie

Project noise map

We have mapped noise modelling results for railway operations in 2027.


Screen capture of the Gowrie To Helidon Noise Map

Consultation events

There are currently no upcoming consultation events.

Your consultative committee

Two Community Consultative Committees (CCCs) have been established for local communities in the Gowrie to Helidon area.

These CCCs provide a forum to share project information, discuss topics of interest, and address any issues or community concerns.

Importantly, they also provide an opportunity for community representatives to share their knowledge and experience on key issues with the Inland Rail team.

Inner Darling Downs CCC    Gowrie to Calvert CCC  Learn more about CCCs

View the project interactive map

We have developed an interactive map of the current project design. The map is currently closed for comment while the draft EIS is on public display.