Works and planning

Works in the Illabo to Stockinbingal project area will include constructing 39km of new rail track in the Junee and Cootamundra regions of New South Wales.

Some of the work completed so far includes:

  • meeting and working with landowners, stakeholders and community members to get a clear understanding of local needs and opportunities
  • hosting project information sessions for the local community and stakeholders
  • collaborating with councils to better understand local issues such as flooding, roads and traffic movements
  • completing preliminary field studies including flood, hydrology, ecology and geotechnical studies
  • carrying out a Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA) to narrow down the study area from a two- kilometre-wide zone to a 200-400-metre-wide study area, called the Focused Area of Investigation (FAI)
  • undertaking a value engineering exercise which seeks to improve value for money without unacceptably compromising service levels, environmental impacts, stakeholder or other impacts.

These activities have assisted us to finalise the reference design stage of this project and undertake an environmental impact assessment.

The Environmental Impact Statement public exhibition concluded on 26 October 2022. Since the EIS exhibition, Inland Rail has undertaken further investigations and prepared a Response to Submissions report which is available to view on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website.

View the proposed alignment for Illabo to Stockinbingal

Watch a fly-through of the project

Get a birds-eye view of the Illabo to Stockinbingal project, as of May 2021. The fly-through is for illustration purposes and for discussion during community consultations and subject to change.


To get a sense of what your community will look like after the project has been completed, check out our visualisations of the proposed design. These visualisations are at the reference design stage and may change during detailed design.

Note, visualisations are for illustrative purposes and not to scale.

Old Cootamundra Road

Old Cootamundra road Old Cootamundra road visualisation

Old Sydney Road

Old Sydney Road Old Sydney Road visualisation

Burley Griffin Way

Burley Griffin Way Visualisation of Burley Griffin Way

Dirnaseer Road

Dirnaseer Road Dirnaseer road visualisation

Ironbong Road

Current design at Ironbong Road, for the Illabo to Stockinbingal project, NSW Visualisation showing design at Ironbong Road, for the Illabo to Stockinbingal project, NSW