Inland Rail contractors win major industry awards

The Inland Rail project has won three major awards at the Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Innovation (EISSI) in Sydney, with our surveying contractors, Monteath & Powys, winning two awards for their work on the Inland Rail project and Casey Surveying and Design also taking out an award.

Mark Pierce, Andrew Baker, Brett Kittel, Matthew Jasiulec at the Surveying and Spatial Information (EISSI) Awards

Monteath and Powys won the Sir Thomas Mitchell Award for best overall project for their work on Inland Rail, and also the Surveying Project Management Award with their submission Managing Australia’s Largest Infrastructure Project: Inland Rail – A Surveyors Perspective.

In addition, Tom Casey, from Casey Surveying and Design Won the Rural Cadastral Surveying award for the work he undertook at Carmel Lane, Baradine in support of the Inland Rail Biodiversity offset requirements.

The EISSI awards, celebrating their 25th year, are hosted by the Institute of Surveyors NSW and the Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW, recognise, and acknowledge excellence in the Surveying and Spatial industry and help the industry grow and mature through its achievements in innovation, business, and project management.

Mark Pierce, Program Manager Survey at Inland Rail said:

“It was great to see our partners Monteath and Powys and Casey Surveying and Design recognized for the passion, hard work and commitment to the surveying industry as a profession and the critical role the industry plays on the development of Inland Rail.

“The Monteath and Powys Team, headed by Andrew Baker and supported by Brett Kittel, Matthew Jasiulec, David Haasnoot and Drew Butterworth were recognized for their outstanding contribution to the Inland Rail program and innovative approach to Surveying Project Management.

“We have worked closely with Monteath and Powys on our surveying work and we are delighted with this recognition.

“Casey Surveying and Design has undertaken a number of acquisition related surveys as part of the Inland Rail Cadastral Surveying Panel, so it is great to see their high caliber of work being recognized by the industry.

“Casey Surveying and Design’s submission was strongly endorsed by the Inland Rail Survey team, where Tom’s enthusiasm for the industry as well as technical abilities enabled him to challenge traditional surveying practices to complete the Surveying requirements.

“The EISSI awards are a great opportunity for contractors to be recognized for their outstanding achievements across multipole disciplines and we look forward to supporting and growing the list of achievements by our contractors.”

IMAGE: Inland Rail staff members (L to R) Mark Pierce, Andrew Baker, Brett Kittel, Matthew Jasiulec at Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Innovation awards