Camurra to North Star track construction works

From Friday 7 January 2022, our contractor Trans4m Rail will continue track construction works in the existing rail corridor between Camurra and North Star.



07 January 2022 - March 2022

Working hours

7am to 6pm, seven days a week


Rail corridor between Camurra and North Star

  • Camurra
  • North Star
Local Government Area
  • Moree Plains Shire

Work being done

Concrete pours are required out-of-hours (early mornings) to support bridge and drainage works.

To ensure the concrete cures, pours must be conducted when the temperature is cooler.

Works will occur between 4am and 6pm Monday to Sunday. Works are permitted under the relevant Authority approvals.

Works will involve

  • Concrete pouring and finishing works
  • Surveying.

What can I expect

  • Concrete trucks, concrete pump truck and other vehicles will enter and exit the construction site via various access gates
  • Changed traffic conditions will be in place at level crossings
  • Temporary lighting towers
  • Delivery of materials and equipment
  • Low impact activities such as machinery re-fuelling, managing environmental controls and traffic control may also occur
  • Motorists should follow traffic controls and drive with caution.

Machinery used

  • Concrete trucks
  • concrete pumps
  • trucks
  • concrete vibrating screeds.

How we’re managing impacts

  • Traffic control will be in place, where required and water carts will be on site to wet down areas to assist in managing dust.
  • Measures to minimise the impacts of noise such as non-tonal reversing beepers and positioning lighting towers to face away from residential homes will
    be implemented.


Phone: 1800 732 761


Post: Inland Rail, GPO Box 14, Sydney NSW 2001

Concrete pouring works being completed by track workers at Gurley Creek bridge