Sneak peek – Final Beaconsfield Parade bridge precinct design

Inland Rail has released visualisations showing what the final Beaconsfield Parade bridge precinct will look like, including improved pedestrian and vehicle connections.

The new visualisations provide an illustrative sneak peek of the improvements that are being incorporated into the Inland Rail works.

During engagement with the community we heard heritage, safety, accessibility and connectivity were important and this feedback is reflected in the final precinct design.

In the coming months, the following new features will be opened:

  • a network of walking paths improving access between key heritage sites and Gladstone Street
  • better accessibility, visibility and connectedness across the precinct
  • an upgraded pathway along Beaconsfield Parade, adjacent to Ann Jones Inn site, benefitting school children, residents and tourists
  • new bus and vehicle parking areas.

The new Beaconsfield Parade bridge and separated shared user path opened in early March 2024 and is already providing improved safer access.

Glenrowan resident Darren Roberts said: “It’s so much better than what we had. It’s smoother and there’s plenty of space for me to ride my scooter safely across.”

An illustration of a streetscape showing a bridge over railway tracks.

Visualisation showcasing Glenrowan’s new Beaconsfield Parade bridge precinct.


Illustration showing cars driving on a bridge with a streetscape around it

Visualisation looking north across the new Beaconsfield Parade bridge from Gladstone Street, Glenrowan.


Illustration showing cars approaching a bridge with a grassed area beside the bridge.

Visualisation looking south across the new Beaconsfield Parade bridge from Church Street, Glenrowan.


An illustration showing a bike path and carparks next to a bridge

Visualisation of the new parking and road connections in Glenrowan.


Illustration showing landscaping and a car park near a bridge

Visualisation of the network of pathways improving access to key heritage sites in Glenrowan.

Beveridge to Albury Section


Cover image caption: Glenrowan’s Beaconsfield Parade bridge in March 2024.

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